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Promotes chewing activity
Encourages submission
Activates salivation
Eliminates teeth grinding
All natural ingredients

GumBits, Chewing Gum for Horses & Ponies, promotes the salivation process and eliminates the teeth grinding which often can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses and ponies.

Not only does GumBits encourage chewing activity, trigger salivation, and eliminate teeth grinding, horses love the sweet taste. GumBits are made of all natural FDA approved ingredients and is safe and palatable.

  • Activates Salivation
  • Encourages Submission
  • Eliminates Teeth Grinding
  • Promotes Chewing Activity
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for Competition Horses & Ponies

GumBits has been available at specialized tack stores and national equestrian stores for over twelve years. The company receives multiple requests for promotional activities, sponsorships and advertising activities from well known riders, horse show promoters and magazines. Many International and Olympic Competitors love the product and agree that GumBits is part of their success with their equine partners. Every horse rider, whether hobbiest or serious competitor should give GumBits a try to gain an advantage with their equine partner. The company has received hundreds of positive stories on how GumBits has helped their horses and ponies.

Just like chewing gum for people, gum is for all. In this case GumBits, the chewing gum for horses & ponies are for all Equine Sport Disciplines.

Young horse trainers like using it to help the young ones start to chew and accept the bit. Dressage people like how it helps stop the grinding noises that can affect their score lower. They also like using it for their horses to start training their mounts to accept the double bridle for third and above levels. Pony riders like how the gum creates salivation which helps ponies stop dry coughs to not pull the kids out of the tack. Eventers like how it helps relax their equine partners in the dressage phase of their discipline. Vaulters like how the gum keeps their horses focused and relaxed on the lunge line while they do gymnastic moves on a moving animal in the safest possible scenario. Jumpers like the additional suppleness and softness in the mouth. All agree that GumBits helps make their horses and ponies happy.

After use, in a short amout of time most horses and ponies come around to a happy frothy mouth that help ALL riders enjoy their serious sport or hobby for a productive, happy ride on their happy horse or pony. One 1lb bag if used in every day training & riding lasts about a month. GumBits is made by hand and with all natural and FDA quality approved ingredients primarily of sugar and beeswax. GumBits is looking to expand with all equine disciplines and internationally so all can enjoy the benefits, joy and fun GumBits brings. Please take the time to review testimonials by many well known sport horse competitors and professionals.

End The Training Grind
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Product Review

Product Review: GumBits
July 9, 2015 | Eventing Nation
Product Review

When it comes to finding out ways to eke out extra points in our dressage tests, the Eventing crowd has an all new fervor for getting that competitive score. Gone are the days when you could perform a passable test and finish on that score to win a competition.

Now you have to be a step above the necessary requirements for your level in order to be competitive at all, and that goes for everything from Beginner Novice to Four-Star.

GumBits is a product that has long been popularized in the pure Dressage world, and is just now becoming accepted and utilized in the eventing world. As the key to any movement in a dressage test is a good connection, there is understandably a lot of thought put into how the horse feels in your reins, and how they accept the bit and respond to it.

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Featured Testimonials

Steffen Peters
Bronze Olympic Medalist & Four Time US Olympian
Steffen Peters

I have been using gumbits at the recent shows. Lombardi, who has usually a pretty dry mouth, started to chew the bit a little more. It's a great product.

May 2008
Matt Brown
US Olympian Eventing Reserve
Matt Brown

I've always wanted to try GumBits and I was happy to find them in the gallops saddlery trailer at the event at Rebecca farm! I used them on my horse, Super Socks BCF, who tends to get cracks in the corners of his mouth due to dry mouth and also grinds his teeth, and be generally tense or explosive in dressage phase of events. I'm happy to report that he did great, and put his best dressage test to date and ended up winning the CIC***! There were a lot of contributing factors in his performance, but I was happy to have the GumBits on board keeping his mouth moist, and I didn't hear any teeth grinding either! Thanks again!

September 2014
Augusta Iwasaki
One of the most well known & popular Pony Grand Champion with multiple wins at US Collecting Gaits Farm Pony Finals, multiple Champion at Devon, Circuit Champion at WEF among many other major accolades
Augusta Iwasaki

Augusta Iwasaki places third at Washington International with True Colors ridden for Forget Me Not Farm. "He was really really good today. With the GumBits he felt very calm, he wasn't looking at anything and felt very relaxed," Augusta said. Trainer Stefanie Mazer says, "it is very hard for a seven year old Pony to walk into an arena like that but the GumBits gave us the relaxing results we were looking for!"

October 2015
Michelle Gibson
Bronze Olympic US Medalist of Dressage
Michelle Gibson

I have been using GumBits for the past ten years because it helps keep my horses frothy in the mouth. A happy horse makes me happy!

June 2016
Isabella Spillantini
Italian Junior Champion Vaulter
Isabella Spillantini

So we tried the gumbits with two of our vaulting horses. Well what can I say , first impression is very positive we tried it in training in the morning as you said I mixed it with some feed and gave after putting bit in. Then we tried it for the Local show one of the horses was completely different, a very positive outcome. Dublin the horse I vault on was definitely more submissive and concentrated on his work, so we are very happy! GumBits is now part of our everyday program. Many other international teams are asking a lot about trying them too.

August 2016
Courtney Varney, DVM
Veterinarian of Ocala, FL
Courtney Varney, DVM

I am an equine veterinarian in Ocala, FL and I have been using GumBits for 7 years on my grand prix dressage arabian mare. I broke and trained her myself, and about the time we started competing FEI she began to grind her teeth. Of course, I explored every medical and training option with no change. I found GumBits online and decided to give it a try. My mare has completely stopped grinding and has a happy mouth during training and competition. I have never seen any negative side effects and I continue to recommend them to friends and clients. I would be happy as a veterinarian and competitor to give my testimonial if you want. Thanks and feel free to contact me.

February 2016