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Shereen Fuqua

In the late 90's, Jeff and Shereen Fuqua of Atlanta entered the equestrian world initially as a hobby. Jeff is a prominent real estate developer and Shereen worked for a publicly traded mall developer. She wanted to find something they could enjoy together other than their shared interest in business.

After taking English lessons, Shereen decided it was the perfect activity for the couple to share. And Jeff became very interested in European warmblood horses and was challenged by the sport of dressage. After multiple travels to Europe and purchasing of many dressage horses in Holland, Denmark & Germany, the hobby took over as a lifestyle with the building of Collecting Gaits Farm, a serious training barn and title sponsor of USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) Dressage Championships and Olympic trials for nearly ten years, and most recently the annual USEF Collecting Gaits Farm Pony Finals. Both Fuquas earned their USDF Bronze, Silver & Gold medals and showed Grand Prix Dressage for years.

Shereen was looking for an equestrian business venture and explored many ideas and tested some in her barn full of competitive dressage horses. Gambit Atlanta, Inc, was founded in 2005 to manufacture, produce, market and sell GumBits, primarily through retailers. Through long -term relationships with USEF, prominent FEI Judges, International competitors along with Shereen's national sponsorships with USEF and Olympic trainers, Steffen Peters and Courtney King-Dye, GumBits became branded and took off. The GumBits spread from an overnight success with Dressage to Eventers who relied on Dressage Trainers to improve their dressage scores. Then the Eventers realized that GumBits has a positive effect on their jumping sport as well.

Shereen & Kat Fuqua Kat Fuqua

Ten years later, their daughter Kat Fuqua started competing ponies in the Hunter/Jumper discipline at the age of 5. After hiring the best trainers in the sport and using GumBits daily on all her ponies, Kat has become a top ranked pony rider competing at the highest levels in Wellington, FL at WEF, USEF Collecting Gaits Farm Pony Finals in Lexington, KY, Devon Championships and Indoor Championships in Washington DC, Harrisburg, PA, and Capital Challenge in Upper Marlboro, MD. United States Hunter Jumper Association awarded Kat as the #1 top Pony Hunter Derby Rider, and Leading Pony Owner in 2017. Kat has won over 50 pony hunter championships and two circuit championships at WEF. The Fuquas believe her success is contributed to GumBits used daily with their competition ponies and horses, as well as her natural talent and ability molded by the best trainers in the sport.

GumBits is successful because it works, by helping horses that grind their teeth, while ridden under saddle, to chew and relax their jaws. Many trainers of young horses love the product as well as high competition horses under performance pressure.

The company is focused on disbursing to all equine disciplines including dressage, eventing, hunter/jumpers, western, vaulting, among many, and is focused on international trade. GumBits has spread from the US to Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. For further business opportunities, contact Shereen at

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