Irish Show Jumper Katherine Arthur Uses GumBits to Relax Horses

July 1, 2016 | Friesian Blood & Baroque Horse Magazine | Article Link

Co. Galway, Ireland - Katherine Arthur and the 6-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding New D'Or (Womanizer-DBA Rosanne, Dauntless Prince), owned by Kevin Keary, are poised to take show jumping by storm. The Ireland-based Arthur bred Nemo and has trained him at Kear'ys farm in County Galway, Ireland, Where she and Keary breed and train a small number of horses. Arthur knows that careful, consistent training while keeping her horses willing and happy is the key to success. One of her tools to achieve these goals is using GumBits. GumBits promote the horses' salivation process, and help eliminate the teeth grinding that can occur during the intense training of high performance sport horses.

"I have used GumBits on several horses and I find that, even when there is no problem to start with, they help to achieve a very soft and relaxed mouth," Arthur explains, " I also find them useful for young horses when they are first getting used to the fit, and they help to encourage them to accept the bit and stay relaxed instead of getting worried." When Shereen Fuqua - the found of and owner Gamibt Atlanta, Inc., which produces GumBits - heard about how integral GumBits were to Arthur in trainer her show jumpers, Fuqua decided to partner with Arthur by dubbing her an official GumBits Ambassador.

Arthur has been successfully starting and producing horses for more than ten years, and now she is shifting her focus to concentrating on bringing up her own horses to build a small team of stellar show jumpers. As with all her horses, Arthur has been training Nemo slowly and carefully to allow him time to mature and relax into his work - with GumBits used as a consistent part of his training.

"Although he was broken towards the end of 2013, he was only shown a handful of time last year," Arthur says. "He is now jumping consistent clears at the 1.20 meter level and jumped in his first Horse Sport Ireland six-year-old class on April 25 at the Horsewear Ireland Louth Country Show." The pair will continue competition in the six-year-old division at the Barnadown Equestrain in County Wexford, Ireland, and Arthur plans to jump the geldng in the Horse Sport Ireland League as well as in the qualifiers for The 2015 RDS Dublin Horse Show in August.

Arthur is proud to be a Gumbits Ambassador and will continue gleaning the benefits of GumBits for her equine teammates. GumBits encourages relation an chewing actiivaty, and horse love the sweet taste of the small treats. GumBits are made of all nature FDA approved ingredients in order to be as safe as they are palatable and effective for horses.

"In my opinion, anything that helps to produce happy and relaxed horses that enjoy their work every day is a huge bonus. This is why I use GumBits!" Arthur explains. When she's not showing Nemo this summer, Arthur will be working with her other talented mounts. "I also have a half sister to Nemo who is by Touchdown ISH,: Arthur says, "Her name is Time to Pretend, and I hope to get her to Nation Grand Prix level towards the end of this year. She is a very talented horse and I hope that now that I am concentrating on my own horses, I can give her the time she deserves to fulfill her potential."

Arthur knows that while there are no shortcuts in training a horse to get to the top of their sport products like GumBits can make the process easier and more enjoyable for both the horse and the riser. Arthur now joins some of the world's top riders and fellow GumBits Ambassadors - Including eventers Lauren Kieffer (USA) and Kate Chadderton (AUS); and dressage risers Steffen Peters (USA), David Marcus (CAN), Jacqueline Brooks (CAN), Susie Dutta (USA), Christoph Kroshel (GER), Jeremy Stenberg (USA), and Britta Anna Pedersen (NZL). GumBits are sold through retailers in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Learn more and location a retailer near you at