GumBits to Present Happy Horse Harmony Award at Global Dressage Festival

January 12, 2015 | Dressage Daily | Article Link

Wellington, FL - The maker of GumBits (Gambit Atlanta, Inc.) was chomping at the bit to get the winter show season of Wellington, Florida underway. At the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, GumBits is introducing its inaugural GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award. GumBits are small, round treats that promote chewing activity in the horse’s mouth and encourage the salivation process. The unique treats help eliminate teeth grinding that can occur during the intense competition and training of high-performance sport horses. Horses love the sweet taste of the all-natural, FDA-approved ingredients; and the product is safe and palatable. GumBits work by helping horses that grind their teeth while under saddle to chew and relax their jaws. The product is loved by trainers of young horses, as well as those who work with competition horses that undergo the pressures of performance.

The GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award will be presented to a deserving rider at every CDI of the twelve-week international show. As a sponsor of the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival held in Wellington from January 8 to March 29, GumBits will award a Happy Horse Harmony Award to select horse and rider pairs who win their classes. In order to receive the award, riders must school and show effectively with a quiet, cheerful disposition. They also must demonstrate harmony between themselves and their horses. The most harmonious and effective winning duos at each of the eight CDIs during the winter show series will receive a free package of the innovative product GumBits, as well as a GumBits/Adequan Global Dressage Festival beautiful wool-blend cooler.

Shereen Fuqua, owner of GumBits, is excited to bring her award and support to the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. "I have sponsored and supported many USEF Dressage events, competitors, and championships for nearly a decade personally because of my love for the sport," says Fuqua. "In recent years, watching the Adequan Global Dressage Festival become the world's largest national and international dressage circuit here in Florida is awe-inspiring. With my budding GumBits business— which I've expanded internationally to countries such as Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia— it just made sense for GumBits to partner with the Festival. It’s a great match for all involved!"

"I'm excited about establishing the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award," continues Fuqua, who is an avid equestrian along with her family members. Both Shereen and her husband Jeff are Grand Prix dressage riders, and her daughter Kat is competing this year at the Winter Equestrian Festival in the Small Pony Division. "As a dressage rider myself, I clearly understand that the connection and contact is the most important thing with your horse," Fuqua explains. "This product enhances that greatly. GumBits and the Happy Horse Harmony award does exactly what we want it to do— creates more harmony as GumBits encourages chewing activity and triggers salivation for better acceptance of the bit. I've had so many international Grand Prix competitors tell us what a difference it is making for them with their horses. These are exciting times to share GumBits with all and continue to support equine sports globally."

Many top dressage riders and trainers use GumBits for their horses; including Olympic athletes Steffen Peters from the United States and David Marcus from Canada, U.S. Pan American Team Gold medalist Susie Dutta, Australian Nicholas Fyffe (who was long-listed for the Olympic Games), Jeremy Steinberg (the 2010 USEF Dressage Youth Coach), and Britta Anna Pedersen (a member of the Dressage New Zealand Small Tour Squad and ESNZ High Performance Accelerator Squad). With the new GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award, CDI winners at the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival will have the chance to join these professionals in using GumBits to promote happy horses.

Shereen Fuqua of Atlanta, Georgia, founded Gambit Atlanta, Inc., in 2005, and through long-term relationships with prominent FEI Judges and international competitors, along with Shereen Fuqua’s national sponsorships with USEF and Olympic trainers Steffen Peters and Courtney King-Dye, GumBits were branded and took off. Fuqua is branching out into other disciplines with her unique product and has her sights set on increasing international distribution. The product is sold solely through retailers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.