GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award Presented to Canada’s Junior Equestrian of the Year, Tanya Strasser-Shostak

February 4, 2015 | Dressage Daily | Article Link

During week three of the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, Tanya Strasser-Shostak rode her mother Evi Strasser’s Oldenburg gelding Action Tyme into the limelight. The Canadian pair brilliantly performed the FEI Young Riders Prix St. George team test, earning a 66.053 percent and a second place finish. Strasser-Shostak also successfully competed Deluxe Tyme, also owned by Strasser. Strasser-Shostak’s harmonious performance with her horses—especially Action Tyme— was rewarded with the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award, which is presented to riders who demonstrate true partnership through harmonious rides. GumBits (made by Gambit Atlanta, Inc.) will be presenting the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award to deserving riders at every CDI of the twelve-week international show. Winning pairs must demonstrate true harmony through characteristics like an eagerness to please, soft expression and suppleness throughout the back.

Recipients of the award will receive a package of GumBits and a GumBits/ Adequan Global Dressage Festival wool-blend cooler. GumBits are small, round treats that are perfect for relaxing horses’ jaws during competition. They are made with all natural, FDA-approved ingredients and are a safe way to encourage salivation and eliminate grinding teeth.

Strasser-Shostak, a talented young rider based out of Good Tyme Stables in Ste-Adele, Quebec, is already a fan of the innovative GumBits and is honored to win the award, but perhaps her horses are the most enthusiastic about the win.

This award comes as one of many accolades Strasser-Shostak has earned recently, including being named Quebec’s 2013 Junior Equestrian of the Year and earning last year’s overall high point award and the Florida International Youth Championship.

Currently, she is actively improving her partnership with Action Tyme, and has big goals in mind. “My plan for showing is to move Action Tyme up to the U25 classes since he seems to be really settling at that level,” she said. “I’m looking forward to going up with him. I have accomplished a lot with him in young riders so far. He’s my fun ride.”

With a can-do attitude, Strasser-Shostak is heading for the big leagues. In the not-so-distant future, she may be added to the list of accomplished international riders who champion the use of GumBits and epitomize harmony such as U.S. Olympian Steffen Peters, Canadian David Marcus, U.S. Pan American Team Gold Medalist and international Grand Prix rider Susie Dutta, and World Equestrian Games German Team Bronze Medalist Christoph Koschel.