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Gumbits (for teeth grinders) Review
July 18, 2012 | Horse Forum

Today I tried Gumbits. If you aren't sure what they are You can read here GUMBITS CONCEPTION for the story behind Gumbits, why they were invented, etc.... They were created by a USEF Dressage Judge when she bought a horse with a bad tooth grinding problem due to nothing but habit (like my Cinny).

Well, I'm not really agreeable with the price (about 45 bucks for a pound) BUT I tried them anyway. I have become so desperate over Cinny's tooth grinding and tired of having 1-3 points knocked off of every element in each dressage test we have done that I was willing to give it a try. But I'll tell you, if it wasn't a USEF Dressage judge, I might not have had any trust or faith at all...but still skeptical when I ordered.

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Secret Weapon: Atlanta 'GumBits'
June 3, 2012 | Gift Horse Eventing

So seeing as I have had such great success with a new product I thought it only fair to share my latest secret weapon with GHE fans!

Dustry has a bad habit of scrunching on his bit at times when working. It's not through tension or pain, it's just a left over bad habit from his racing days, and up until now I have just ignored it, but now that we are starting to get out and about competing it needs to be stopped, because it will cost us valuable marks in the dressage phase if the judge hears him scrunching on his bit it will be marked down as 'lack of submission' or 'tension' .

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