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Riley on Gumbits, brief footage
December 28, 2010 | Behind the Bit Blog

Here he is with the trainer. You didn't see him before but there was a definite, high pitched grinding sound in recent past rides. Now? Pretty quiet...

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Gumbits: Grinding away at a problem
December 27, 2010 | Behind the Bit Blog

When I reported on Riley's "behavior du jour" -- grinding his teeth -- dressagemom of contacted me and recommended that I try Gumbits. She had seen the product used successfully, and she tried a few herself. She described them as tasty and waxy-feeling. There is an article about Gumbits on, and an article in Horse Journal gives them a thumbs up.When I searched the usual online forums there were quite a few success stories. Not one poster said "they didn't have any effect."

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