GumBits by Gambit Atlanta

End the Training Grind

May 5, 2008

Hi Shereen:

I have been using gumbits at the recent shows. Lombardi, who has usually a pretty dry mouth, started to chew the bit a little more. It's a great product. 

Have a great weekend.

Steffen Peters

I am a dressage trainer, instructor and competitor. My foray into this sport began shortly after I graduated from high school and had to retire my junior jumper and equitation horse. He was able to dabble at low level eventing and there I discovered dressage. It instantly became my passion. There is so much to learn, but it gets better and better, richer and more fulfilling with each day. Please allow me to share with you this passion, my process, and my Piaffe Dreams.

My pawing horse, having peed, pooped, and now biting at his cheek in sheer boredom from a mere 10 minutes standing tied. He's flunked out of "ranch horse" school! I was just glad he didn't demolish the grooming tool totes (one for grays one for bays... not that I have anything against chestnuts... just don't have any around) or knocked over the baggie of Gumbits I daringly left sitting on the floor. At $40 a bag they are like little gold nuggets... but I will attest to the fact that they work! Normally I save them for at the shows, but decided they'd be a good idea on the first day of the double. They make a world of difference for Philipe in keeping him softer in the jaw. And that's my daily plug for a cool thing I've found.

Dear Gumbits,

Thanks so much for sending the sample bags of GumBits.   I apologize for taking forever to tell you how the product worked- my big QH roan spooked and came down hard on my foot, crushing several bones, so I've had to be out of the saddle for awhile.  I think working with horses makes riders heal quickly, and I've already been able to ride, despite my Drs. objections.

Anyway- GumBits really do work!   I wouldn't have believed it, since my horse, Stash that Cash, (Peso), has been grinding away since he was 2 (he's 7 now), and although it didn't really affect his performance, it was so annoying to me and any other riders.  I hated being in a cow clinic or something, and having to explain why my horse is so mad at me that he has to grind his teeth.  From the article that I read where your product was reviewed, I now know a little more about why he was doing it too.  I feed him about 2 tbsp. just before I put on his bridle, and then have put him in some of the situations that usually had him grinding. 

To my amazement, he's passed all the tests; he salivates more, likes the taste of the product, and generally hasn't ground his teeth.. even when he was agitated that there was a camel in another pasture, (for some kind of picnic), and was clearly out of sorts, stamping and moving around- finally spooking and breaking my foot- but no grinding!

So thanks for the samples.  Soon I'll run out, and will be contacting one of your vendors for more.

Thanks again!
Tim Billman