GumBits by Gambit Atlanta

Shereen Fuqua

Shereen Fuqua has been in a high intense business environment in commercial real estate for twenty-five years as a Sr. Asset Manager of The Resolution Trust Corporation, a division of the FDIC, an Account Manager of The Rouse Company responsible for portfolio mall leasing throughout the country to national retailers, and a Sr. Leasing Representative with General Growth Properties. She has a BSBA Real Estate/Finance degree from Denver University. She fell into the horse world by chance while searching for a joint hobby with her husband, who grew up riding western horses in the Rocky Mountains. Her husband enjoyed English riding and both collected many competitive dressage horses and built Collecting Gaits Farm, becoming a title sponsor for the United States Equestrian Federation for National Dressage Championships and Olympic trials. They both earned their USDF Gold medals, and Shereen continues to ride at the Grand Prix level. Shereen manages the marketing for Fuqua Development, LP, raises her young daughter and runs GumBits bringing retail, marketing, and accounting experience to the company.

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About GumBits

In the late 90’s, Jeff and Shereen Fuqua of Atlanta entered the equestrian world initially as a hobby. Jeff is a prominent real estate developer and Shereen worked for an established publicly traded developer. She wanted to find something they could enjoy together other than their shared interest in business.

After taking English lessons, Shereen decided it was the perfect activity for the couple to share. And Jeff became very interested in European warmblood horses and was challenged by the sport of dressage. After multiple travels to Europe and purchasing of many dressage horses in Holland, Denmark & Germany, the hobby took over as a lifestyle with the building of Collecting Gaits Farm, a serious training barn and title sponsor of USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) Dressage Championships and Olympic trials for nearly ten years.

Shereen was looking for an equestrian business venture and explored many ideas and tested some in her barn full of competitive dressage horses. Gambit Atlanta, Inc, was founded in 2005 to manufacture, produce, market and sell GumBits, primarily through retailers. Through long term relationships with USEF, prominent FEI Judges, International competitors along with Shereen’s national sponsorships with USEF and Olympic trainers, Steffen Peters and Courtney King-Dye, GumBits became branded and took off.

GumBits is successful because it works, by helping horses that grind their teeth, while ridden under saddle, to chew and relax their jaws. Many trainers of young horses love the product as well as high competition horses under performance pressure. Gambit Atlanta, Inc has sponsored many many trainers with product, but note-worthy ones mentioned above and others including Canadian Olympian David Marcus, German Team Bronze WEG Medalist Christoph Koschel, Australian 2008 Olympic Long Listed Nicholas Fyffe, US Team Gold Medalist Pan Am Games, Susie Dutta and Three Star Eventer American Matt Brown.

The company is focused on disbursing to other disciplines other than dressage, and focused on international trade. GumBits has spread to Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. For further business opportunities, contact Shereen at